I have a dream (too)

Greetings and welcome to the first post on socialtravel.org. I write this from the adorable and warm Centre for Social Innovation (socialinnovation.ca), in Toronto’s Annex area – more colors and personality you will find than on a rainbow.

Hello. I live in this beautiful city of Toronto and not too long ago, dreamt of building a travel experience for the ages. Come and experience the first of its kind travel website. A truly collaborative, creative and transparent way to create a social impact. Bienvenue et Bon Voyage!!

I love everything about travel, being inside an airplane, buying foreign exchange, airport food, answering irate customers and opening my eyes in a random new city. I have been in this most wonderful, globally largest industry for over a decade in many roles and constantly crave to bring change, innovation and growth to it. Here is my small contribution to make your life comfortable and share with the world – our caring, skills and air miles.

I also know how YOU long you spend on websites, search for the best deals, compare prices, call helpdesks and agencies, explain what you need, pray for credit card protection, mix and match routes and of course – hope for good weather. I also know how much YOU spend in time, money and resources, while doing all this – sometimes you put a stock broker to shame – which is what the travel industry is turning out to be. Caveat Vendor is the doctrine of a free market but online travel has done very well to overwhelm you, even before the travel begins. Sure you’ll save $20; but let me present you with a soul satisfying way of doing so. Come play with me.

At Socialtravel.org, I plan to bring to you fiercely competitive prices – period. Additionally, down the line, an experience around helping communities on the ground (amaidi.org), measure and offset your carbon footprint (zerofootprint.com) and participate in fundraising programs (aeroplan.com), all in one interface. This added to awareness around causes that really need your attention; lo behold! You’re smiling already.

Sit down. There’s more.

If you thought this was pretty cool, wait till I tell you that I plan to donate 100% of my net profits to a foundation. This will help fund some of the projects that YOU will vote on every month or quarter. Holy crowdsourcing!!!

So there, my plan for creative disruption and healthy capitalism. Here is what you can do:

  1. Share your travel needs – how many trips/ what should airlines do better/a one stop shop?

  2. Share your travel experiences – the strange, the pleasant and the downright bizarre

  3. Share your Earth