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We appreciate your generosity of time, thought and money to support causes requiring attention and compassion.

You’re a smart traveller and realize very well, that booking with us allows for that attention. It helps in a small way in creating that social impact and awareness, while doing something you love so much – Travel. There is a lot of work to be done today in equality of all beings, meeting challenges created by nature and man and continuously seek awareness for a higher purpose. We work hard for a living but can always find room in our hearts and minds for those who need our support and participation. So whether you support children’s’ health, women’s’ rights, mental health, anti-animal cruelty, LGBT issues, war, food or our mother earth overall, take a moment to visit this section and consider making a small donation to one of those causes. We are working on bringing you the impact of your dollars in due time, partnering with organizations that evaluate charities and non-profits around the world.

Next time you travel, think about how your trip affects the world, think about the small acts that bring about change and think about Social Travel.




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