10 tips to reduce your carbon footprint while you travel.

At Social Travel, we focus on more than finding you the best deal and delivering unmatched customer service.  We are cutting edge in the travel industry and experts who help you make sustainability a component of your travel journey. In addition to the social impact you make just by booking with us, we want to provide you with the answers that will help you crush the obstacles to your travel goals.  Regardless of whether you want to make a small difference or a large impact, here is our list of the top 10 best practices to reduce your carbon footprint while you travel.


10 tips to reduce your carbon footprint while you travel.

  1. Book an eco-friendly flight itinerary.  The most direct flights mean that there will be less layovers and less fuel stops.
  2. Purchase carbon credits. You can purchase carbon credits on the amount of miles that you flew to offset the unavoidable emissions from your travel.  There are different projects that you can select, our favourite is tree planting!
  3. Cities are creating more bike lanes and offering bike rental options to enable safe, healthy and sustainable transit.  If you are going to opt for this, then just remember to wear a helmet!
  4. Not only is eating locally and organic food a healthier option for your body but it’s also a great reason to try some of the local dishes in the country or city you are visiting.
  5. Ask your hotel about their environmental standards and what they’re doing to reduce or offset their impact on the environment. Educate yourself!
  6. Reuse your towels and ask that your sheets not be changed.  Some larger hotels like the Sheraton will actually give you meal vouchers when you choose not to have your rooms cleaned everyday.
  7. While you are packing your bag, consider bringing along your reusable coffee mug and water bottle.  Brewing your own coffee and refilling your water bottle will save money for more memorable experiences while on holiday.
  8. Look for hotels or hostels located in central areas of the city where you will be visiting so that you don’t have to catch a cab to get to the places you want to see.  Alternatively, learn the in’s and out’s of the public transit system where ever possible, you will be amazed at the places you will come across!
  9. Check out the washroom facilities at the airport before boarding. The energy used in one flush of a plane toilet is enough for an economical car to run at least 10km.  Your seat mate will also thank you!
  10. Join an organization like Not Just Tourists who partner with international medical clinics in need of medical supplies. You can volunteer to help pack a suitcase before you leave or sign up to carry a suitcase on your next adventure!  The good that you will be doing will certainly make the Earth smile.


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